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Coconut Jasmine Rice Bowl with Chicken

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

What you will need (servings 4):

1 lb - Boneless chicken breast

1 1/4 cup - Coconut milk

2 -Shallots

1 - Can of corn or corn kernel from husk

1 - Can of black beans

1 - Jalapeno pepper (optional)

2 - Roma tomatoes

1 - Lime

1/4 oz - Cilantro

1 1/2 cups - Jasmine Rice

Olive oil



1 - Large non stick skillet

1 - Medium non stick skillet

1 - medium pot

1 - mixing bowl

Thorughly wash and dry all fresh produce.


1. Bring a medium pot coconut milk to a light bowl, add rice, 1 1/2 cups water, and ½ tsp. salt to a boil over high heat. Once it begins to boil, reduce heat to low, cover, and cook until rice is tender, approx 14-17 minutes. (Depending on the brand of rice you use, you may want to follow the instructions on your packaging.) When rice is done, remove from burner and set aside, keep it covered. Some of the coconut fat may rise near the surface of rice; stir gently to reincorporate for creamy rice. While your rice is cooking you can prepare your other ingredients.

2. Clean and dry chicken. Heat olive oil in large skillet and cook chicken until no longer pink inside. Use any seasonings you like. I used Badia Complete seasoning and black pepper. Once chicken is done cooking lightly cover with foil and set aside.

3. Drain black beans and corn. Core tomatoes and cut into diced sized pieces. Peel shallot and finely dice or mince. Cut lime in half. Coarsely chop cilantro (you don't need to stem). Stem, seed and remove rib from jalapeno then mince.

4. Place your medium skillet over med/high heat, add about 1 tsp of olive oil. Add corn and cook until browned, once corn is browned, transfer to a mixing bowl and set aside.

4. In the same skillet you used for your corn, place your skillet over med/high heat, add about 1 tsp of olive oil. Add half of the shallots to hot skillet until tender then add black beans, 1/2 cup of water and a pinch of salt. Bring beans to a boil and cook until liquid id reduce to half (approx 2-4 mins). Remove from heat.

5. Add remaining shallots, jalapeno, tomatoes, cilantro, 2 tsp lime juice, and a pinch of salt & pepper to the bowl with your corn. Mix well.

6. Ready to serve. Top your rice with black beans, corn pico de gallo and chicken. You can also sprinkle with shredded cheese if you like. ENJOY!

If you're thinking about trying this meal, I'd love to hear all about it. Add to your Instagram in-feed post or stories and tag me @baileyhouse2home and use the hashtags #CookingWithNisha and #BaileyHouse2Home. Feel free to leave a comment below and tell a friend where you found this recipe.

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