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Why did you start Blogging?

A question I get asked often, For years I’ve wanted to start blogging but just never pulled the trigger on it. I always asked myself:

· “Why would anyone be interested in knowing what’s going on in my life?”

· “Who cares about the recent trip you just took with your family?”

· “Why would anyone want to know where you shop for home décor on a budget?”

· “Why would anyone care what you’re cooking tonight for dinner?”

· “Girl, nobody wants to see your shopping hauls?”

I would even sit down and ask my husband these questions and his response was always, “Just do it, babe! Someone is going to find it interesting and useful.” So now I feel like I'm finally free from all of the B.S. that was holding me back. I have all these stories, thoughts and ideas in my head and I sometimes just want to share them with the world in hopes that someone else can take something from it.

One thing I have definitely learned over the years is that there is always someone interested, there is always someone looking for tips or ideas, there is always someone looking for some inspiration or encouragement. What readers crave the most is the realness and transparency from the content creators /bloggers they are following. I don’t share every single detail about my life or family but I am a pretty transparent person and I remain true to who I am - I think that’s what people love most.

In my content I want to realistically show what it means to be a mother, wife, friend, sibling, blogger and career woman who is raising a family, trying to turn our house into home, making time to travel, laugh, cook and just live life the best we know how. I am not sure exactly what all of this should look like but I can share a little bit of my version and how I am learning along the way. My goal is to share a little inspiration, some tips, ideas and other relatable content and hope that my audience can add to the topics, whether it be through personal stories or whatever.

Believe it or not, blogging connects you with some awesome people, and I love people, people are interesting! Hahahaha! Since I started blogging (and it’s only been about a month) I’ve been able to connect with some other amazing women bloggers, content creators and influencers that contributed a great amount of awesomeness to my life. We’re all helping someone in some way and I think that’s DOPE! One of the best feelings in the world is getting those testimonial messages from someone saying how much you have helped them, inspired, motivated or even made them laugh when they were having a horrible day. I save all of those messages so I am able to look back through them and find motivation to continue on with this journey.

Although I get “writer’s block” sometimes, being a blogger has been so much fun thus far. I've completely immersed myself into something I love and I'm excited to see where things go from here. I can’t wait to share with you more budget friendly home décor ideas, DIY projects, home cooked meals & recipes, travel reviews and tips and so much more. I've completely immersed myself into something I love, I'm excited to see where things go from here and I sincerely thank you guys for following along.

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