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Think outside the box: Creative Gift Ideas

When birthday's, anniversaries or holidays come around, do you find yourself struggling to find the perfect gift for someone?? I know that's one of my issues and it's even more difficult when the person you're gifting have everything already or don't want anything. Let me just say this, sometimes it's the little things that mean so much to some of us. I just want to share this cool idea with all of you.

Sooooo..... I've never been all into high end material things, like a $3000 handbag, a $1200 pair of shoes or a $700 lace front wig (yes, some women ask for wigs as a gift) lol, although we have the finances to do it, we just choose to spend on other things that are more important to us. I definitely have no shame in telling anyone that the purse I carry only cost me $62, Or I just spent $30 on a pair of shoes at Marshall's, I'm always willing to share my bargain finds with others. We've never tried keeping up with or competing with others. We just do US! And it works.....very well!

I say all that to say, you don't have to go out and spend thousands to make someone smile or to try to keep up with everyone else. Sometimes the most thoughtful unexpected gifts mean so much more.

Anyhow, my husband and I don't typically exchange gifts for holidays because we do so much throughout the year, but my hubby decided on his own that he wanted to show his appreciation for all I do, how hard I work, how I take care of our family and home and to let me know he's always listening and paying attention. This past Valentine's day, starting on Feb 1st and every day until Feb 14th he did something extra special for me each day.

Day 1: My favorite candy bars (snickers, Caramello, Hershey's with almonds, Twix, etc)

Day 2: A new pandora charm (dog paw) he know how much I love my two dogs

Day 3: A new pandora charm (luggage) I love to travel

Day 4: A new pandora charm (passport) Again, I love to travel lol

Day 5: Gift card

Day 6: Mani & Pedi

Day 7: Edible arrangements delivered to my office

Day 8: A day where I shop for only myself, I always say I'm going shopping for myself but always come home with stuff for everyone else (including the dogs) but nothing for me 🤣🤣

Day 9: Spa Day at Four Seasons (full body massage and facial, I spent 5 hours there)

Day 10: Heated body massager for my office chair and car (because he hear me mention neck and back pain from sitting so much)

Day 11: Rose's delivered to my office

Day 12: Warm comfy socks (I'm always complaining that my feet are cold.)

Day 13: Perfume

Day 14: Movie night & dinner

These small gestures mean so much and this is just a few some ideas. Some other thoughtful ideas could be their car washed, doing the laundry, babysit a few hours for a friend so they can enjoy a spa day, cook or pick up their favorite meal. You definitely have to listen and pay attention to your spouse or even a very close friend. Take time to get to know your spouse, take note of what your spouse like, not what someone else spouse like.

In return, I decided to gift my husband with a few of his favorite things. I didn't have to do it.....I just wanted to do it LOL, oh yeah, and because I thought it was a creative and cute idea. ❤🤪🤪

A gave him a gift for each of our 5 senses:

TOUCH - 2 of his favorite pair of shoes & a jacket with a note inside

TASTE - one of his favorite sweet treats and a special XXX note (use your imagination) 😜

SMELL - Cologne and a special note

SIGHT - A screen and frame for his 150 inch projection TV in his man cave and a special note. Item was too large to put in a bag so I wrote a note and added a picture of the item in the bag.

SOUND - WuTang concert tickets (of course COVID-19 happened, so this event was cancelled), wireless earbuds and a special XXX note 😜

And let me just say, because hubby is always home (he's a true home body) it wasn't easy sneaking this stuff in the house, writing out my personal note cards to go in each bag and getting everything in gifts bags and let me not forget, trying to walk in the house with loud ass balloons...I was like MacGyver up in here. 😂😂

I was reading my IG friends blog, "The Teal Townhouse" a couple of weeks ago and she had some great ideas for thoughtful gifts, you should check it out!

What are some creative or thoughtful gifts you've given to a friend, family or spouse?

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Aug 18, 2020

Wow! Shonta, what a memorable birthday!


My husband and I have a blended family and for his surprise 40th birthday i flew his 3 adult kids to Florida to surprise him. I had to hide them out a whole day. The night of his surprise birthday I revealed the kids and yelled “Surprise”! That was 7 years ago and until this day he says that’s the best birthday gift ever!

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