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The Bailey's In Paris

We just went to Disneyland Paris for the first time ! It was a great time. We were prepared for the cold and the rain, so that didn’t put a damper on our day, I packed plenty of hand and feet warmers, we had our coats, scarves, gloves and umbrella. The Park was not overly crowded, and all the lines were no longer than a 20 minute wait. Our 10 year old daughter experienced her first "real" roller coaster for the first time, Big Thunder Mountain, she enjoyed it so much we ended up riding 5 times back to back , she couldnt wait to tell all of her friends.

We were very nervous about how to get back and forth from the park, and around Paris with the transportation strike going on, to eliminate the stress we decided to hire a private driver, Brian, he was the absolute best, he picked us up from our hotel, dropped us at Disneyland, picked us up, took us around some of the not so touristy parts of Paris, treated us to dinner, took us to the airport when it was time to leave and has the best music playlist ever lol, he was always on time, I have no complaints at all. He has become a new family friend. I highly suggest hiring a private driver if you ever plan to visit Paris.

We enjoyed our time despite the cold weather and look forward to planning another trip sometime in the future! If your worried about the transportation strike, don’t be. Go and enjoy yourself and have a magical day.

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