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Back-to-(Home) School

With children going back to homeschooling and most of us working remotely until possibly the first quarter of 2021, I'm sure a lot of us have been looking for ideas to make a comfortable learning space for our children as well as us having space to do our work, hop on zoom meetings or take an important phone call.

Here I will share one idea on how to make a shared workspace for you and/or your children. This will work well if you're not working with tons of space or do not have an additional room to dedicate to a full office or workspace for your children. In our guest bedroom/my office, I turned one side of the room into a shared workspace for my daughter & I.

I really hate working from a laptop and dual monitors are needed so this gave me more space, my daughter also has her computer set up so she can complete tasks, join google meetings with her class and it gives us more time to bond. This is the perfect solution if you don't have much space, have more than one child or if you just need a solution so you as well as your child have a comfortable area to work in. How have you prepared your home for homeschooling this year?

Items used:

Legs for table tops, Adils - from IKEA USA

Black & white chairs - Facebook marketplace- $20.00 for a set of 4.

Wall handpainted by me using Wall stencils

Nipsey quotes- used my home printer and gold frames from Dollar Tree

Glam office wall sign - from Michael's

All school supplies from Walmart and Dollar Tree

4 tier bookshelf - $14.99, check out my highlights on Instagram to see how I upcycled it.

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